Ideas and Suggestions Status
Week of September 21st  
  QCDSM Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
1   Air Nozzle at SIG 13-Sep Implemented        
2   Data label on matrix chart bars 21-Sep Implemented        
3   Writing utensil for I&S board 21-Sep Implemented        
4   Meeting In progress Note on Door 21-Sep Implemented        
5   Written procedure for check weigher  23-Sep Implemented        
    (Priority to keep clean)            
6   Written procedure for line speed changes 23-Sep Implemented        
Week of September 28th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
7   Set up machine to allow max product 29-Sep Implemented        
8   Greg's numbers on a chart 29-Sep Implemented        
9   Maekem ink rubnbing off 29-Sep Implemented        
10   Cane juice issue 29-Sep  Implemented        
11   Quality Charts on wall 30-Sep Implemented        
12   Vac Pump level 30-Sep Implemented        
s s Clarification of near miss injury 1-Oct Implemented        
Week of October 5th  
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
14   Brass rotary brush 5-Oct Implemented        
15   Tool to use at guillotine, won't break/damage knife 6-Oct Not Implemented        
16   Tool For former to take weights 6-Oct Implemented        
17   Tool box for lidder 6-Oct Implemented        
18   Preblend Auger starting slowly 7-Oct Implemented        
19   Put actual vs. theoretical on hourly #'s 7-Oct Implemented        
20   Raised flange around caramix pipe on platform 7-Oct Implemented        
21   Heat on former 7-Oct Implemented        
22   Request for Reimelt tech. to help with former probs. 8-Oct Not Implemented        
Week of October 12th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
23   Circulate water through choc line. 15-Oct Not implemented        
s s Limiting rework to 45 lbs per bucket 15-Oct Implemented        
25   Track light and heavy kick offs on SIG's 15-Oct Implemented        
s s Additional E-stop on shrink wrap 15-Oct Implemented        
27   Programming preset line speeds on Guillotine panel 16-Oct Implemented          
s s Safety guard on backside of packing conveyor 16-Oct Implemented        
Week of October 19th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
29   Replace Boiler warning Light 21-Oct Implemented        
30 s Ladder over lidder area for easy access 21-Oct In Process Cruz designing   29-Jul  
31   More rapid feedback on schedule changes 21-Oct Implemented        
Week of October 26th    
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
32   RJR Sticker on inside of roll 27-Oct Implemented        
33   Train withg Larry on line 1 Lidder 27-Oct Implemented        
s s Go over safety with temporaries 27-Oct Implemented        
35   Use time on Markems vs. clock on wall to note problems 27-Oct Implemented        
36   Temporary buddy system 27-Oct Implemented        
37   Remove Lidder doors and replace with a light curtain 27-Oct Not Implemented        
38   Labels on new equip. valves in kitchen 27-Oct Implemented        
39   Book shelf or files in kitchen 27-Oct Implemented        
40   Cover over checkweighers for choc. Chips 28-Oct Not Implemented        
41   Train temporaries on quality and safety week of minis 28-Oct Implemented        
42   Sensors in Silos to monitor ingredient levels 28-Oct Not Implemented        
Week of November 2nd
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
s s New hoses for Graco pumps to pump butters in kitchen 3-Nov Implemented        
44   Datecode board for the line 2-Nov Implemented        
45   Communication w/ maint. & operators w/ work on weekends  2-Nov Implemented        
46   Clear plastic on preblend tube on operators side 2-Nov Not Implemented        
47   Plasic cover over codos so dries don't build up on edge 2-Nov Implemented Waiting For rework Grinder     June
48   Clear shoot for fruit at codos 2-Nov Implemented        
49   Put guard on E-line packaging table so bars don't fall off 5-Nov Implemented        
50   Changeovers try not to run choc the first day 3-Nov Implemented        
Week of November 9th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
51   2" and 1 1/2"  teflon tri-clamp gaskets 9-Nov Implemented        
52   Alternative method to clean circular knife so line doesn't stop 10-Nov Implemented        
53   More Microwaves in the break room ( Morale Impovement ) 10-Nov Implemented        
54   Chilled water dispender down by the SIG's  10-Nov Implemented        
55   Wash tub basin/ Sink on Codos platform 11-Nov Implemented       March
56   Scoop for glue at lidder 11-Nov Implemented        
Week of November 16th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
57   Feed pump Leaking 16-Nov Implemented        
s s Pulley system/hoist for Graco pumps 16-Nov Implemented        
59   Wrapper Quality board 17-Nov Implemented        
s s Clarification of first responder roles/limitations 17-Nov Implemented        
61   More rework buckets/eliminate taping 17-Nov Not Implemented        
62   Temp issues   staffing/training 17-Nov Implemented        
s s Window in doors 17-Nov Implemented        
64   More bowls and spatulas in kitchen 17-Nov Implemented        
Week of November 23th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
65   Need more Tape guns 23-Nov Implemented        
s s Insulate binder pipe going into codos 23-Nov Implemented        
Week of November 30th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
67   Feed Pump Leaking 1-Dec Implemented        
68   HFCS tempering units leaking 1-Dec Implemented        
69   Be gentle with break arm  on wrappers 2-Dec Implemented        
70   Codos safety switch needs a guard 3-Dec Implemented        
s s Headset with a mic in it for hearing protection 3-Dec Implemented        
72   Request for 19 " shrink wrap vs. 18 1/2 seal quality 4-Dec Implemented        
Week of December 7th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
73   Minimize tunnel belt speed variations. 4-Dec Implemented        
74   Re-evaluate cleaning of kitchen lines 9-Dec Implemented        
s s Fruit pallet being stacked to high 10-Dec Implemented        
76   Product coming out of former w/heavy center light edges 10-Dec Implemented        
Week of January 11th  
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
77   Plastic covers on Codos pendant handles 12-Jan Implemented   Renae      
80   System for restarting packing trables 12-Jan Implemented   Steve    
81   Need 2 air hoses for kitchen 12-Jan Implemented   Everett   April
82   Handle on backside of guillotine for anvil 13-Jan Implemented   Dale    
83   Intermediate buffer pump leaking 13-Jan Implemented   Everett    
Week of January 18th    
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
84   Level Probe in butter vessels 19-Jan In Process Work order issued Renae     
85   Wire brushes and scrapers 19-Jan Implemented   Cecilia    
86   Counter on Doboy for changeovers 21-Jan Implemented   Ron     
87   Turn Checkweigher around 21-Jan Implemented   Cecilia    
88   Assign tasks to temps/best fit 24-Jan Not implemented   Temporary    
Week of January 25th  
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
89   Back Packing table on "G" Lilne too high 25-Jan Implemented   Temporary    
90   Change e and f metal detector belts 26-Jan Implemented   Heidi    
91   Rails for gate near g line 26-Jan Implemented   Steve    
92   110 outlet by shrinkwrap 26-Jan Implemented   Cecilia    
93   Alarm and light at lidder 27-Jan Implemented   Steve    
94   Air hose at lidder 27-Jan Implemented   Frank    
95   E-stop cord on packing table tucked into plastic 28-Jan Implemented   Temporary    
Week of February 1st  
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
96   Check weigher screen turned around 4-Feb Implemented   Cecilia    
97   Need rail holder pins before shrink wrap 4-Feb Implemented   Cecilia    
98   Table for checkweigher 4-Feb Implemented Cruz building ?   June
99   Need Calculators at shrink and spy 4-Feb Implemented   Cecilia    
Week of February 8th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
Week of February 15th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed  
100   Peanut Oil Labeling 16-Feb Implemented   Renae   March
101   Screen over ribbon blender 16-Feb Implemented Work Order Issued Donny   July  
102   Remove Metal Plate near doboy 16-Feb Implemented   Cecilia    
103   Downtime Logsheets fo r lidder and shrink 17-Feb Implemented   ?    
    Week of February 22nd            
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
s s Ladder Over Sped Up conveyer 23-Feb Implemented   Heidi   March
105   Way to get excess honey out of barrell 23-Feb Implemented   Craig D.   March
Week of March 1st    
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
106    Tool system at SIG's 1-Mar Implemented Petra/Hung ?   August
107   Eliminate Fruit Flys in Kitchen 1-Mar Implemented   Renae   March
s s Caution: Hot H2O at sink 1-Mar Implemented   ?   March
s s Go Over Safety at case packer 1-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   March
110   Back Up for spy computer @ Power Loss 1-Mar Not Implemented   ?    
111   Visual and audible alarm @ checkweigher 1-Mar Implemented   ?   March
s s Safety @ shrink wrap heat tunnel 1-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   March
113   Cabinet to organize lidder area 2-Mar Implemented   Steve   April 
114   G-Line Metal detector loose photo eye 3-Mar Implemented   ?   March
115   Determine overweight cause from formerand Guill 3-Mar Implemented   Sone   April 
s s Eliminate trip hazard near former drain 4-Mar Implemented   Rob   March
117   Programming issues @ SIG's with registration 4-Mar Implemented   Heidi   March
118   Visual and audible alarm @ Shrink wrap 4-Mar Implemented   Donny   May
s s Pinch point stickers @ squeeze clamps 4-Mar Implemented   Donny   March
120   Fix leaking blueberry fill tube 4-Mar Implemented   Everett   April  
121   Have spy put up hourly numbers 4-Mar Implemented   Ron   March
122   Almond,Pbutter controls @ Codos 4-Mar In Process Work Order Issued ?    
123   Better communication of OT ,late running of line 4-Mar Implemented   Brad V.   March
124   chart team Morale vs. efficiency (correlation0 4-Mar Not Implemented   Brad V.    
125   Address steam issues, so cooker can keep up 4-Mar Implemented   Donna   March
126   Optimize existing lidders or get an additional 4-Mar Implemented   Donna   March
127   Bring back a morale slice team 4-Mar Implemented   Donna   May
s s Arm/back braces for stacker 4-Mar In Process Ordering Donna    
s s Safer way to clear circ knife product jams 4-Mar In Process come up with material to use Donna    
Week of March 8th   
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
130   Sticks @ Guillotine for clearing Product 8-Mar Implemented   Dale   March
131   Cut out on Circ Kinife lid to ease removal of product 8-Mar Implemented   Dale   April
132   Better stirring mechanism on slurry buffer 8-Mar Implemented   Corey   March
133   Air hose and outlet at Case packer 8-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   May
134   Adding Machine at codos 8-Mar Implemented   Hung   March
135   #'s labeled on SIG Panels that correspond w/alarms 8-Mar Implemented   Hung   April
136   Planner/binder for all employees to track info. 8-Mar Implemented   Sanit   April
137   Track delivery by each station 8-Mar Implemented   Seth   April
138   Fix leaking pressure washers 8-Mar Implemented   Rosendo   April  
139   Order tarps 8-Mar Implemented   Sanit   April
140   Catch pan under ladder over speed up 8-Mar Implemented   Sone   March
141   eliminating all the cigarette butts outside 8-Mar Implemented   Sone   May
142   Better dispenser for hairnets, lot of hairnets on floor 8-Mar Implemented   Sone   May
143   Scraper on inside roller of retracting belt at Codos 8-Mar Implemented Work order issued Donny   July
s s Full length fatigue mat at guillotine 8-Mar Implemented   Petra   March
145   Create Stations as in Tri-Z 9-Mar Not Implemented   Jackie    
146   Assign Ishida/Markem to someone 9-Mar Implemented   Jackie   June
147   Individual QCD charts for each station 9-Mar Not Implemented   Roy    
148   Memo of QCD info to route to those that can't attend 9-Mar Implemented   Heidi   March
149   Seal Unfinished so it lasts longer 9-Mar In Process Ron Yong working on  Ron    
150   Raised Border around former 9-Mar Implemented   Donny    
151   Secure rework slide to codos 9-Mar Not Implemented   Temporary    
152   Stool to stand on at codos to add rework 9-Mar Not Implemented   Heidi      
s s Move gate on codos platform 10-Mar Not Implemented wating to see ramp or lift inst Rosendo    
154   check adjustmetnt of Sapal scrapers 10-Mar Not Implemented   Juan L    
155   Diff process to clean hard to reach sig rollers 10-Mar In Process Making scrapers to reach Seth    
156   Increase hot H2O in the washroom 10-Mar Implemented   Rosendo    
157   Different gloves for sanitation to handle equip. 10-Mar Implemented received 2 diff kind Rosendo    
158   Curtain infront of high bar buckets,eliminate foreign mat. 10-Mar Implemented   Heidi   May
159   Program lidders to optimal functioning 11-Mar Implemented   Frank   April
160   Start up button for shrink at case packer 11-Mar Implemented   Ron   March
161   G Line needs a metal detector bucket 11-Mar Implemented   Heidi   June
162   Fix Leaking Slurry Pump 11-Mar Implemented   Rosendo   March
s s Latch on top of slurry buffer to hold up lid. 11-Mar Implemented   Rob H.   March
164   Seal Codos insert, no water behind insert 11-Mar In Process X-Mas Project Rob H.    
Week of March 15th  
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
165   Additional help ( temp.) 15-Mar Not Implemented   Rosendo    
166   Flow meter at the codos 16-Mar Implemented w/o issued est. comp 8-31 Corey 6-Mar July
167   Connect datahighway from terbraak to codos 16-Mar In Process roger in process Rob H.    
168   Leave a gap between the two flaps on cases 16-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   May
169   Stronger retract lever on oscillating belt 16-Mar Implemented   Renae    
170   Better traffic control on lidder outfeed 16-Mar Implemented   Frank   April
171   Cold water in equalizer roller 16-Mar In Process Work order issued Renae 14-Aug  
s s fatigue mats at SIG'S 16-Mar Implemented Mike Ordered Jackie   June
173   Modify choc tank to ease cleaning 16-Mar Implemented   Seth    
174   develop a customer compliment form for QCD 16-Mar Implemented   Seth   April
s s Knee pads fo rthe case packer 16-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   April
176   Towel dispenser at codos platform 17-Mar Implemented w/o issued Ron 10-Aug July
177   Brush for rework buckets 17-Mar Implemented   Cecilia   April
s s warning sign at case packer to shut off glue 17-Mar Implemented   Ron   May
179   Preflight on lidders run retails through 17-Mar Not Implemented   Ron    
180   replace bolt on Fanner that is used to rotate belt 17-Mar Implemented   Boon   April
181   longer sticks at guillotine 17-Mar Implemented   Juan L   March
182   sear belt edges to reduce belt strings 17-Mar Implemented   Jackie   March
183   Adjust alarm at lidder so it only  goes off when down 18-Mar Implemented W/O issued, est comp.5-10 Roy 1245 July
184   Reduce former weight variations form row 1 to 17 18-Mar Implemented   Jackie   April
185   Request for more interesting training sessions 18-Mar Implemented   Team   May
186   Need to have the former corrected so it sheets even 18-Mar Implemented   Jackie   April  
Week of March 22nd
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
187   Connect shrink and case packer to go down 22-Mar Implemented   Ron   March
188   Template at Case maker for cases 22-Mar In Process Work order issued Jackie    
s s Taller safer ladder at Former 22-Mar Implemented   Renae   May
190   Redo line out of intermediate buffer, flowrates 23-Mar Implemented Work order issued Dale   July
Week of April 5th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
191   Double Sided tape and markem wipes 4-Apr Implemented   Jackie   May
192   Cross training chart 6-Apr Implemented In green Room Hung   May
193   Receivers on packing tables 8-Apr In Process Work Order Issued Shaun    
194   Light over fruit platform 9-Apr Implemented   Temporary    
195   Beacon on rework grinder to indicate line stop 9-Apr Implemented Work Order Issued Corey   June
s s Tool to unclog Codos jams 9-Apr Implemented   Corey   May
197   Roller prior to Circ. Knife to reduce backups 9-Apr In Process Work Order Issued Donna    
198   QA Audit rotation list 9-Apr Implemented   Hung   April
199   Water Proof The platform 7-Apr Implemented In progress by contractors Seth    
200   CIP Lines added to slurry tank 7-Apr Implemented In progress by contractors Seth    
201   Better quality insulated water nozzles 7-Apr Implemented On order, wainting form Lab Safety and grainger Juan L   July
202   Oil insulate Choc.Recirc line. 7-Apr Implemented Used water jacketed line Rosendo   June
203   Set screw installed on Sapal storage belt 9-Apr Not Implemented   Seth    
204   Catch pan or buckets under g-line 9-Apr Implemented Installed slide and buckets Juan L    
s s Cover screws on packing tables 9-Apr Implemented   Temporary   May
Week of April 19th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
206   Move check weigher after lidders 20-Apr In Process Cruz analyzing Cruson    
207   Cart for Mini bar circ. Knife. 20-Apr In Process Will be done if we do mini again Boon    
208   Ultra sonic wash system for circ knife 20-Apr Not Implemented Could not find one for our appl. Gary Vw    
209   Wash system for fanner 20-Apr In Process Juan A workikng on now Boon    
210   Need metal buckets in kitchen 21-Apr Implemented   Everett   May
211   Test retention sample of bars with sugar vs. cane juice 21-Apr Implemented   Renae   May
212   DPS Binder in the green room 21-Apr Implemented   Dale    
213   Sticker identification for rework at guillotine 21-Apr Implemented Designing spy sheet Dale   July
214   Separate formerarea/Guillotine on e-stops for clean up 21-Apr Implemented Work Order Issued Boon   June
215   Wider anvil on the Guillotine 23-Apr Not Implemented   Dale    
216   Channels for fanner wheels to keep fanner in place 23-Apr Implemented   Dale   May
s s Install step and modify rail on platform 23-Apr Implemented Work Order Issued Seth   June
Week of May 3rd
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
218   Training on how to write DPS' 3-May In Process Training in phases Brad V.    
219   Prevent operator from breaking up cane juice 3-May In Process Level 3 Renae    
220   E-stop for ter Braak 3 away from cooker 3-May In Process Work Order Issued Renae    
221   Kitchen H2O too hot steam variations 4-May In Process Work Order Issued Carlos    
222   Adjust Markem Eye location after retail box markem. 4-May Not Implemented   Cecilia    
s s Mesh around fruit platform rails, eliminate falling objects 4-May Implemented   Donny   May
224   Increase communication around shutdown times 4-May Implemented   Donna   June
225   Method to calculate levels of ingredients 4-May Implemented       June
226   Caramix Valve leaking 4-May Implemented   Everett   May
227   Fix tear in cooling tunnel 5-May Implemented Work Order Issued Donny   June
s s Switch to shut off oscillating belt at former 5-May Implemented   Donny   May
229   3 Safety check items for every morning for Safety team 5-May Implemented   Steve M.   May
230   Back Up static mixers  5-May Implemented completed Juan L   June
231   Hang water hoses overhead , so they are not a trip hazard. 5-May In Process Work Order Issued Gary V.    
232   Cart For rework bags,similar to line 1 6-May In Process Work Order Issued Brad H.    
233   Easy way to turn on agitator for butter/points 6-May Implemented   Seth   June
234   PM for rollers on line, bearings 6-May Not Implemented   Juan L    
235   Softer type of material to make guillotine paddle out of 6-May Not Implemented Need to come up with mater Boon    
236   Move ladder over bar aligner 6-May Implemented   Boon   May
237   Get Soy Protein in super sacks 6-May Implemented   Greg H.   May
238   Computerized picklist for ingredients 6-May Implemented   Greg H.   May
239   Scale to weigh super sacks to check supplier weight 6-May Implemented   Greg H.   May
240   Physical way to measure contents of Silos 6-May Implemented   Greg H.   May
Week of May10th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
241   Install a new guillotine knife 10-May Implemented   Hung   May
242   Caramix panel won't open with key 11-May Implemented   Everett    
243   Someone to observe line and isolate problem areas 12-May In process  6 month timeframe Ron    
244   Request for hangers in kitchen 13-May In Process On Order Everett    
245   Metal piece to mount towel dispenser to 12-May Implemented Work Order Issued Steve T. 1684 July
246   Rubber Glove dispensers  13-May Implemented   Steve T.   June
Week of May17th
    Idea or Suggestion Opened Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
247   Machine component on lidder to press equaly on flap 17-May In Process W/O Issued est comp.5-22 Steve M. 1316  
248   Need better control of the discharge belt speed 19-May Implemented   Corey   May
249 s Fatigue mats at all standing locations 19-May Implemented On Order     June
250   Coveralls for bag dump operator 20-May Implemented   Adnan   June
251 s Safety point during production downtime maintenance 20-May Implemented   Everett   June
252   Disable front carriage on lidders 20-May In Process W/O Issued est comp.5-22 Dale 1673  
Week Of May 24th
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
253   Window in Syrup room door 24-May Implemented Nik putting in peep hole Renae   July
254 s Perform for the plant to drink during summer months 24-May Implemented Jay George looking into it     July
255   Repair/Replace eye on video jet 25-May Implemented Work Order Issued Cecilia    
256   Change the wheels on the COP Tank, more maneuvarable 25-May In Process Work Order Issued Renae    
257   Level Probes in flavor tanks 25-May In Process WOI to evaluate cost Renae    
258   More flexicon hoses, stainless braided not flexible enough 25-May Implemented Work Order Issued Renae   June
Week Of June 1st  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
259 s Use a safety Harness when changing filters 2-Jun     Steve M.    
260   Re-install fruit gate 2-Jun Implemented   Ron    July
s s Need taller safer ladder at doboy 2-Jun Implemented   Ron    July
262   Need two long push , pull sticks at lidder 2-Jun     Dale    
s s Need a safer way to load ingredients into small bagdump 4-Jun In Process Vendor sending 50lbs vs 1oo lbs Sone    
264   Hoist control for bagdump not functioining 4-Jun Implemented Changed contact block Greg H   June
265   Install outlet by bagdump for computer 4-Jun Implemented Ben From Tri-State Greg H   June
266   Hoses under big and small bag dump 4-Jun Implemented replaced with new hoses Greg H   June
267   Fix vitamin room automatic door 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
268   Fine sifter leaking 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
269   Remove sink in bag dump room 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
270   Alarm does not work for nfdm silo 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
271   Repair or replace valves for CIP system above mixers 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
272   Blower 1002 leaking oil 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
273   Leak on floor near 2100/2200 4-Jun Implemented   Greg H   June
Week Of June 7th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
274   Check on static mixers , build up 7-Jun Implemented   Renae   June
275   Adjacent lot into a cross training circuit 7-Jun In Process Committee looking at ideas Seth    
276   Non stick for the check weighers 7-Jun     Steve    
277 s Step Stool for the guillotine 7-Jun     Hung    
278   Quick disconnect for sensor brackets transverse tables (sigs) 7-Jun In Process On order by maint Juan L    
279   Creeper to rem and install rollers under cooling tunnel 7-Jun In Process need to reorder Chris H    
280   Fix lights on metal detector lamps 8-Jun Implemented   Steve M   June
281   Rotate Guillotine position every 4 hours, to repetitive 8-Jun Implemented Extra spy helping Stephanie   July
s s face Shield for grinder operators 8-Jun Implemented Ordered     June
s s Cart to assist with removal of heavy rollers on line area 2-Jun Implemented   Boon   June
284   Mobile rack system to transport and wash rollers on line for sanit 3-Jun In Process   Craig D    
s s Hoist for butter pump and long scoop for almond butter 8-Jun In Process   Corey     
286   Install ditch in floor from washrm to drains for better drainage 8-Jun In Process Work Order Issued Seth    
287 s Hydraulic lift to take codos mixer on and off platform 8-Jun In Process May use ramp, on hold Rosendo    
288 s Pistol grip air nozzles for better ergonomics on wrist 8-Jun In Process Chuck has on order Cheryl    
289   Key control cabinent for control of keys 8-Jun Implemented Mounted on wall Boon    
291   Utilize existing 5 gallon butter buckers for rework 8-Jun Not Implemented Tried before, not big enough Seth    
290 s Cages to mount to pallets to haul trash, cardboard 8-Jun Implemented will also order more Boon    
292   Insert access holes in both sides of fanner to clean inside 8-Jun Not Implemented will not go all the way thru Boon    
293 s Long rubber aprons to use in wet mix area when cleaning 8-Jun Implemented ordered Rosendo   June
294   Move the equipment from line 1 Dough feeder to a less visible area 10-Jun Implemented   Seth   15-Jul
295   Solution to keep ZGL guiderails off of belts 10-Jun Implemented   Hung   June
296   Modify top lids on Codos mixer to stay open (won't slam shut) 10-Jun Implemented Work Order Issued Rosendo    
297   Add a column to computer sheet to log rework reasons 10-Jun Implemented Building sheet Donna   July
298   Easier way to discard wet/dry product from codos 10-Jun     Hung/Donny    
299   Easier way to get almond butter out of barrels when at the bottom 10-Jun Implemented   Hung/Donny   June
300   Extended sensor cable F line laydown table (too short) 10-Jun Implemented WO issued, on order, out of stk Juan L   July
Week Of June 14th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
301   Different/replacement scissors for bag dump 14-Jun     Stve M.    
302   Do a bucket shuffle rather thatn changing liners 16-Jun Implemented   Tore   June
303   Table fo r checkweigher 16-Jun Implemented       June
304   Beacon to indicate line stop at quadro 16-Jun Implemented       June
305   Mirror over former 16-Jun Implemented       June
Week Of June 21st  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
306   Install a removeable door on cocoa auger pipe 21-Jun In Process Work order issued Harshman    
307   Need to realign the sugar auger 21-Jun Implemented w/o issued est comp.6-28 Everett 1522 August
308   Enough people to volunteer could we build a sand volley ball court 21-Jun     Heidi    
309   Need a new circular knife cleaning tool 21-Jun Implemented w/o issued est comp.6-24 Dale 1523 August
s   Route A/C over to rework area 21-Jun Not Implemented Work order issued Jackie    
311   Cap off PB line when not in use 17-Jun In process will discuss w team Rosendo    
312   Scraper installed on Sig Metal detectors 10-Jun Implemented   Juan L    
313   Plastic Curtain over washroom opening 15-Jun In Process Brad To talk to Chuck Boon    
314   Canvas bag with ties made to cover tank circulation motors 23-Jun   wil research to order Seth    
315   Make opening into washroom wider, easier access, safer 15-Jun Not Implemented no status, has it gone to lev 2 Boon    
316   Rubber mat below 2400 opening, product slick on floor 22-Jun     Heidi    
317   Ear piece for Receiving, hear radio 22-Jun     Everett    
318   Second flux pump in the kitchen 22-Jun     Renae    
319   Protective covers for our shoes 22-Jun Implemented Ordered Brad V.   July
320   Mirror above the chocolate chip dispenser similar to one on former 22-Jun Implemented 1687 Heidi   July
321 s Need a platform for the former 22-Jun Implemented   Mike S   July
322 s Label COP tank and surrounding area when caustic is in use 23-Jun     John D    
323   Motorcycle parking space 23-Jun Implemented Level 3 M.Lord   July
324   Move packaging operators start time to 5:30 23-Jun     Steve    
325   Codos plat, put a table under sampl pipes, shorten pipes 23-Jun Implemented 1685 Everett   July
326   Install Kronos time clock in receiveing (extra one in Charlotte) 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
327 s 2 people in bag dump at all times, safety and volume issues 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
328   load cells on  all silos 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
329   revamp of bag dump room, more operator friendly 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
330   change packaging of ingredient 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
331   alternate mathod for getting rework on to platform 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
332   install more pallet racks in receiving 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
333   provide sanitaiton with their own forklift, eliminate charging issues 24-Jun Implemented   Harsh/Crain   July
334   install additional sifters 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
335   install additional blowers 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
336   hoses for fire lines 24-Jun     Sutton    
337   Vaccum system in bag dump to load ingredients 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
338   computer similar to one in reimelt room in bag dump area 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
339   better ventilation in bag dump room 24-Jun     Ayres    
340   Get wheel chocks fo rall receiving docks 24-Jun Implemented   Harsh/Crain   June
341   directory for truck drivers to point them to approproate dept. 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
342   Sign for receiving door that lists hours 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
343   better orginazation of waste water area 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
344   Have shipping load out own bad pallets rather than taking to receiving 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
345   fix leak in raw material warehouse roof 24-Jun Implemented   Harsh/Crain   June
346   Get soy nuts in super sacks 24-Jun     Harsh/Crain    
Week Of June 28th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
347   Need two long push rods for lidder 28-Jun Implemented   Dale   August
348   Adjust lidders so glue length is shorter 28-Jun Implemented w/o issued Dale 1674 August
349   Hold down rails from lidder outfeed to shrink wrap 28-Jun In process w/o issued Dale 1675  
350   Lids for blueberrry and chocolate tank fixed 29-Jun Implemented w/o issued Renae 1686 July
351   Groups stay in groups for a longer period of time to build better teams 30-Jun Implemented   Steve   July
Week Of July 5th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
352   Breaker carry a fanny pack full of tools 7-Jul Implemented Hung working on Steve   August
353   Save all DPS to a central location 8-Jul Implemented   Everett   July
  Week Of July 12th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
354   Rack to hold spill blockers Jul Implemented on hold, got diff kind of block Seth   July
355   Roll up type of spill blockers instead of cheese type Jul Implemented order and rec 3 150' sections Gary   July
  Week Of July 19th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
356   Alternative method to get rework on the platform 20-Jul     Donny    
357   Flavor tanks filled prior to kitchen shutdown 20-Jul Implemented       July
358   New hose for Return on CIP for cooker 21-Jul     Everett    
359   New can opener in break room 21-Jul     Renae    
360   Slow th eline down when we have scaling issues so we avoid gaps 21-Jul     Ron    
361   Socks around openings on cool mix and sugar hopper 21-Jul In Process   AIB 2036  
362   Paint chipping above fruit hopper 21-Jul In Process   AIB 2037  
363   Modify choc chip spreadera 21-Jul In Process   AIB 2038  
364   New plexiglass for codos mixer 21-Jul In Process   AIB 2039  
365   Stainless cover over guillotine fan 21-Jul In Process   AIB 2040  
  Week Of July 26  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
366   Part bins to hold parts when disassem equip 22-Jul Implemented order and rec 7/26 Petra   July
367   Metal cover for over circular knife motor to keep clean 24-Jun In process need wo# Seth    
368   Method to remove all water from lines 27-Jul In Process Chuck working on Seth    
369   Small flat cart for under e & f Sapal to catch product  27-Jul In Process Chuck check with juan Chris H    
370   Spray balls for butter tanks 28-Jul In process Working with Rob Rosendo    
371   Need more emergency eyewash stations (perm type), and shower 29-Jul In Process pass onto level II Sam Photang    
372   Better way to clean fruit feed platform floor 26-Jul In Process researching      
373   Fruit low level indicator in hopper  27-Jul     Carlos 2043  
374   Estop in lidder area 27-Jul     Steven 2042  
375   Overhead guard near kamflex conveyor at former 27-Jul     Donny 2041  
376   Need chemical storage sign in syrup room 28-Jul     Ron    
377   Chemical dispensing setup  28-Jul In process Steve taylor Ron    
378   Metal cover over motors to eliminate build up on motor 28-Jul In process W/o issued Seth    
  Week Of August 9th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
379   Slide/catch under tension rollers to catch product 10-Aug In process Juan A waiting for tools Seth    
380   Protect sensors on laydown tables  12-Aug     Chris H    
381   Program former ctl panel to run cool tunnel belt (clean up) 12-Aug     Frank     
382   Better way to secure screw on adjust work dirves lay down tabl 12-Aug     Seth    
383   Large pump spray bottle to apply sanitizer to line 12-Aug Implemented   Frank    August
  Week of August 16th  
    Idea or Suggestion Openend Status Details Suggested by Work Order # Completed
384   Power switch installed on CIP tank, so do not have to plug and unplug 19-Aug     Chris H    
Total To Date
Number of Ideas Generated 378
Number of ideas Implemented 253
Percent implemented  62%
Number of Ideas Generated 302
Number of ideas Implemented 187
Percent implemented  56%
Number of Ideas Generated 5
Number of ideas Implemented 7
Percent implemented  140%
Not Implemented 29