Spirals Resultants Ltd. New Zealand


A Critique of the TRY-Z Training course presented by

Peter Paola and Willem Botha of QCDsystems

September 2008


Rarely will you find such a defining and practical orientated course such as the TRY-Z! If you are looking for an action packed practical methodology to improve the productivity of your production line business, then this will exceed all your expectations!


The TRY-Z course is run over two and a half days with a total learning time of 24 hours. Although the course starts at 7.30AM and runs until 6PM, you will not know so much time has elapsed, as the learning captivates your mind.

The scene is set well before you arrive and the total time spent on the theory will not exceed four hours.


The process of learning takes the maximum of 20 participants through the continuous improvement of the assembly line of 15 model cars. Starting from basic instruction on assembly, you continuously improve quality, productivity and team work while battling against your own and international benchmarks. The epi-centre revolves around the combination of set paradigms and detailed processes both combine to create an exhilarating learning experience.


TRY-Z is a master stroke in attention to detail for all participants who genuinely wish to improve what they do. With laser like focus to measurements that are visually displayed, great interaction between people for effective communication, and the rotation from observer, coach and team leader through the continuous improvement journey.


There is no doubt that Peter and Willem have created an experience that will touch anyone who attends. Many of the myths and legends of Kaizen, Continuous improvement, Kaikaku, 5S, Quick change-over, process flow, effective one page processes, visual management, PDCA, correct measures and KPI’s, team work for improvement and how to create engaged people in achievement will be dispelled within hours.


This course is fully endorsed as an introduction to effective continuous improvement.

Greg A Ellis, Managing Director, Spirals Resultants. September, 8th 2008