The Try Z Seminar

This section expands on the commentary on this seminar in a previous web page on this site. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate through examples how this seminar is the first step and key to changing the culture in a company. The journey to excellence using Lean principles of Management and Manufacturing not only has to have a beginning, but out also have an environment for it to flourish. Apart from the preparations we make before implementation, we need to demonstrate to the personnel what excellence and continuous improvement is all about. The Try Z Seminar is the hands-on methodology of doing this.

The participants will be exposed to all facets of the Lean principles, e.g. continuous improvement, productivity and efficiency improvements, the removal of waste, the 5S principles, the importance of the Supply chain through understanding the relationships between the customer and supplier and many other aspects. It would take many lectures to cover these topics. We do it in two and half days by involving a group of 20 participants in a hand-on experience of actually setting up and managing a production environment.


We also want to present you with more information about the application of the QCDSM System into a company. We have posted the results of the Try Z Seminars we have conducted all over the world.  The total number to date is 338. What follows are the flags of the countries we have visited to work in various companies situated there.



Leadership Management Australia

Mr Willem Botha was assigned to work with Leadership Management NZ (Australia) n Wangerei, NZ during 2016. He spent virtually every week with the companies up there trining in Lean Management principles.

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Why go LEAN?

Many companies are wrestling with the question of going LEAN and what it entails. There are many options to choose from and in our experience over of over 30 years, we believe that this is the most simple and effective way to do this. Apart from the information on our web site, this article will help you in your research.

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QCD Systems uses this section to post Training interventions and results of our Customers.

(Please scroll down through the pages in this section by returning to the link above – “The Try Z Seminar” – then scroll down to the end of the page to view the various results from all our conducted seminars. There are 14 pages beginning with the first page showing the latest seminars to page 14 showing the first seminars from 1989.) If you want an index of all the Try Z Seminars please click on the tag at the top of this page OR go to the link -: ‘Try Z Seminar”  – and select the second option – […]

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Case Studies

Below is a selection of comments and recommendations concerning the QCDSM System as implemented into their companies. PLEASE CLICK ON THE BLUE LINK WHICH GENERATES ANOTHER LINK. CLICK ON THAT TO READ THE COMMENT/S. 1.Ballance Agri-Nutrients is a fertilizer company. QCDSM was implemented company wide including the many Distribution Centres. Gary Letter 20130821145831074 20130823153547300_0001 20130924135511945 20130925083315780 Team Talk Ballance 2.Alsco is a Laundry Service Company which implemented QCDSM from 2010 in New Zealand. Alsco case study 6th nov 2010 Alsco case study 6th nov 2010 3.SPIRALS RESULTANTS is a Consulting company that has promoted the QCDSM system to their Clients. […]

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11/07/2016 1/2 TRY Z at Amcor Rigid Plastics, San Salvador, El Salvador

  Click on the link below. another link will appear. Click on that on to obtain the full report. Copy of Copy of Copy of TZ Assg Nov’16 copy

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04/18/2016 1/1 TRY Z at Amcor Rigid Plastics, Cali Colombia

  Click on the link below. another link will appear. Click on that on to obtain the full report.   Copy of TZ AMCOR Assg April’16  

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Using this section

This is page 1 of 14 pages showing the results of over 300 Try Z Seminars conducted since 1989.  Each post on this first page under the tag “Try Z Seminar” explains the purpose and function of the seminar and also posts the most recent seminars conducted.  Scroll to the bottom of the first page to access the other 13 pages.  If you wish to see an index of the seminars posted in this section then you will need to return to the main page of qcdsm and select the second link in the section – “The Try Z Seminar” […]

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QCDSM Training to build Teamwork using Lean Management Principles

THE FIRST STEP IN LEAN MANAGEMENT AND MANUFACTURING – ADDING AND MAINTAINING CUSTOMER VALUE. The Try Z seminar is the first step when introducing Lean Management and Manufacturing principles to the employees of a company.  The experience gained in this seminar enables the participants to understand what is required in their specific areas. It also helps them to understand how to improve efficiencies and productivity no matter the task. But perhaps the most important learning is that continuous improvement can only be achieved with regular meetings providing for the participation of all in their area. We call these meetings the Green […]

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Why participate in the Try Z Seminar?

All the posts in this section reflect the participation of companies in the Try Z Seminar as their first step in implementing the QCDSM System. A number of categories are covered in the seminar showing how important this is as first step in introducing Lean Management and Manufacturing into a company.  The whole purpose of moving towards a LEAN Manufacturing and Management environment is to involve the people in every aspect of the change. The QCDSM process measures the effectiveness of the Supply Chain operation in the company. The seminar provides concrete, hands-on examples of what this means. In no particular order […]

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QCDSM adds training support for our Customers.

As part of our overall training methodology, we use this section to post comments and results of our training for our Customers to view. Very often we are asked how the training is proceeding and what results can be determined from the training.  This section, Training Support, is designed to answer those questions. Customers are encouraged to visit this section of our web site and to request postings of their comments etc.  We welcome this as part of the ongoing process of employee involvement in the journey to excellence using all the tools of Lean Management and Manufacturing. We use […]

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