Our Clients

We have enjoyed a 100% success rate with the clients who have committed to the full implementation of the QCDSM process as trained together, with regular monitoring and coaching from ourselves. Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

We chose QCD Systems because it was a comprehensive, on-going system not a short term one. It also offers a whole of company approach; one which is driven both from the top down and from the bottom up…

– Chris van der Hor, NZ Marine ITO
General Manager

The implementation of the QCDSM system has seen Jucy By Design transform its business. We have seen a marked increase in productivity and decrease in defects which has ultimately resulted in a better product for a cheaper price. The buy in from our staff has been key and the daily Green Room meetings have given them the opportunity to make suggestions and also deal with any issues there and then rather than days or weeks down the track. The transformation has been great to see…

– Dan Alpe, Jucy by Design
Chief Executive

The benefits of the training, embraced company-wide by everyone from me to the newest apprentice have been widespread. Not only has it helped us weather the current financial crisis and improved our Gross Profit, it has also bought our staff closer together, enhanced teamwork and helped us improve all of our internal processes…

– Grant Senior, Formula Cruisers
General Manager

When I first joined Alsco Christchurch I saw congestion and flow was difficult and slow. CM has given the team many of the insights and tools to use to make flow easier, so I am not the only one with the knowledge. Now all team members have a good feeling of what can be achieved if the process flows. It is great to see how many team members have taken improvement seriously and have made work easier and safer…

– Aaron McConnochie, Alsco NZ
Production Manager