Detailed Process Sheet

The Detailed Process Sheet

Stage Six


An example of a page of a DPS – this is for Station #1 of the Try z seminar, Wheel Assembly.

DPS TZ eg St 1

An enlargement of Step #1 in this process. Notice the Main Step #1, then the Operation Analysis to do Step #1, then, and this is important, the Key Steps in doing this right the first time.

How better to ensure correctness than to capture the process or method in a document that is both the standard and the departure point for continuous improvement? By recording the ‘what’ the ‘how’ and the ‘how well’, your team will have the documentation to produce a quality product or service consistently.

The Detailed Process Sheet is a living document in that once it is implemented as the ‘standard’ for the result, it becomes the basis through which gradual and continuous improvements are built. In the Green Room meeting there is a scrutiny of the document against the results which allows for the improvements that arise through ideas, suggestions and problem solving activity to be written into the document, retrained and monitored.

The only way to produce a quality product or service consistently is through a detailed process, written out and followed, without deviation. It must be measured against targets and standards and any variations must be resolved through examination. This examination (Green Room charts) must determine that the process was actually followed as written. Adequate and full training is a prerequisite for proper assessment. Only if the process is found deficient is it examined and possibly improved. Only if a more cost effective and efficient method is suggested and proven (removal of waste etc.) is the process improved or changed. Every improvement requires meticulous attention to detail and thorough training. Otherwise the process stands, as written.

Finally, without the focus on the DPS and auditing that a trained and implemented DPS is being followed, the whole Green Area process begins to wind down. The purpose of the Green Area meeting is to measure the process by using data generated as a result of following determined procedures.

The Try Z Seminar

Apart from a separate training session to understand and develop the Detailed Process Sheets for the company, the first step in introducing QCDSM into a company is the Try Z Seminar. (The link below)  It is during this seminar that the participants develop, rewrite and implement DPS documents in order to complete this exciting training session.

The Try Z Seminar