QCD Systems uses this section to post Training interventions and results of our Customers.

QCD Systems uses this section to post Training interventions and results of our Customers.

(Please scroll down through the pages in this section by returning to the link above – “The Try Z Seminar” – then scroll down to the end of the page to view the various results from all our conducted seminars. There are 14 pages beginning with the first page showing the latest seminars to page 14 showing the first seminars from 1989.)

If you want an index of all the Try Z Seminars please click on the tag at the top of this page OR go to the link -: ‘Try Z Seminar”  – and select the second option – “Try Z Seminars from 1989 t0 present”.

We have posted pictures and Try Z data from the Seminars from 1989 to 2014 under the link The Try Z Seminars” of which this is one post. When you return to the link – The Try Z Seminars”– above, please scroll down the page that appears and select the next pages at the end of the page to view the next results. We do not have pictures from 1989 – 2008 but do show the names of the people who attended and their overall results.

In today’s highly competitive world every company is seeking ways to reach out to their customers, improve their market share and grow their businesses. No matter what decisions are taken to achieve these goals, little progress can be made in their implementation without the full participation of ALL members of the company. Empowering and enabling employees to not only share their goals but to actively participate and promote them is the greatest challenge to this success.

Consistent Quality, Competitive Cost, On Time Delivery, Excellent Safety and High Employee Morale are goals that are obtainable provided you have the process in place to achieve it. QCD Systems has developed this process and has had over 30 years experience in this expertise to global companies. We are very eager to share this process with you, contact us today to find out how we help you take your company to the next level.

We are posting the group photographs and results of the 28 Try Z Seminars presented to Ballance Agri-Nutrients of New Zealand as their first step in becoming a Lean Company.  QCDSM is now deployed throughout the company.

Note two interesting applications of QCDSM.  The Institute of Golf in Albany, New Zealand and the Fuller Cosmetic Company in Mexico.  An interesting item is that the IOG trained Lydia Koh, the present World #1 Gold Champion and her career seems to be developing strongly. QCDSM is not company nor industry specific. Where people work, the system applies.  Again many of the people who experienced our training have told us that they have applied the basic principles in the homes!

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